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Click on a country collection below to access selected photographs taken over the last 40 years (all in collections of 20 or less).

All photographs are free to use (print or digital) provided the source ref. is visible.

Use in caption: Courtesy of; picture by Michael R. Smith

- Tirana and Patos Marinze

- Into the mountains

- The city of Buenos Aires

- Major city regions

- Vienna and the Tyrol

- Brussels central

- Sofia and south

- Phnom Penh and the northwest

- Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta

- Beijing and the wall

- Scenes in Zagreb

- Havana and around the country

- Prague city

- Across the island

- Copenhagen and its castles

- Cairo and along the Nile to Luxor

- Helsinki and Suomenlinna

- From North to South

- Berlin and Dusseldorf to Bonn

- Athens and the Cyclades

- Island and Mainland

- Budapest city

- Mumbai to the Taj Mahal

- Eastwards from Java

- North Teheran

- Around the country

- Rome and its environs

- From Tokyo to Hiroshima

- Almaty and its suburbs

- Vientiane and the Mekong

- Riga and the west

- Town and country

- Scenes in the SAR

- The Peninsular and Sabah

- The main island and Gozo

- Monte Carlo

- Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan

- Kathmandu and the valley

- Amsterdam and the north

- North and South Island

- Tromso and Stavanger

- Environs of Islamabad

- Manila and its suburbs

- Warsaw in winter

- Lisbon and its region

- Central Bucharest

- Moscow scenes

- Dakar and the coastal region

- The City State, old and new

- Ljubljana and around Bled

- Johannesburg and coast

- Seoul and surrounding towns

- Madrid, Barcelona and Seville

- Colombo, the coast and the Hill Country

- Stockholm and environs

- Taipei and the coast

- Bangkok, the north, and the northeast

- Across the island and the oil seep

- The Aegean coast and inland

- Dubai Creek and Sharjah

- Across the country

- A range of American States

- Around Caracas

- Regions of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

- Scenes in the North and South